Go Newbie Problems (Quick Post)

I have been working through An Introduction to Programming in Go by Caleb Doxsey over the last week when I hit a small issue that happened to waste a lot of time (read my earlier post on ‘Getting Started’ ). If you ever happen to hit an issue whereby you have Go code that you can’t compile and run. Make sure that all your Go files are in the correct folders of the project before attempting anything else.  In eclipse it is very easy to end up losing Go code files in other folders and since there are no errors displayed, It is very easy to over-diagnose the problem. So if you ever run into an issue where you have code that doesn’t build or run; and there are no errors in your code or any errors being displayed in your IDE; make sure your code files and packages are in the correct folders before attempting anything else.  The Go code files should be in the ‘src ’ folder, the packages should be in the ‘pkg ’ folder and all executables should be in the ‘bin ’  folder.

This Golang article essentially covers the issue.


0 #3 Jon Kerridge 2013-10-30 10:13
As you indicated in your email there has been little progress this week due to being ill and also the coursework's from other modules.

You need to prepare your week 9 review to contain information about the reading you have been doing AND what you have learnt from it, which is much more important.

Make sure you summarise the blog contents pertaining to getting the system working and set up in eclipse. You should include a link to the blog as well.

You should indicate that the system is now working correctly.

You should include reference to the fact that you want to use UNITY to provide the game engine and the API for the rendering of your game.

You should include a description of the game so that it gives some context to the project as a whole and why it is important.

Given Emma's comments you should perhaps spend some time in the report justifying why you are going to do it in GO.
0 #2 Jon Kerridge 2013-10-19 14:24
Hi, This may be a repeat of a message already sent!
Glad to see you aremaking progress by finding problems it is the only way!

However, I thought I had told you about this problem; if not then I aplogise; you found the right article.
Keep working at it! :-)
0 #1 Jon Kerridge 2013-10-18 09:07
Gald to see you are mkaing progress even if just getting to grips with the folder structure of GO - pain isnt it!

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